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Q: Are We Not Devo? A: We Are A Main Man Tribute

Q: Are We Not Devo? A: We Are A Main Man Tribute

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Of course we're proud of all of our babies. Every tribute and every original artist holds a special place in our heart. There's something about this little fella, though. The 11 songs from Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo would have been enough to make a fantastic tribute, but add on classic Devo tracks like "Whip It", "Girl U Want" and "Freedom Of Choice" and this compilation rises to the top of the heap.

JISM (from NY punk pioneers ISM and Tuff Darts) kicks off the festivities with "Uncontrollable Urge". True Love takes back The Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction" (listen and you'll see what me mean) and Jack Brag offer up "Praying Hands", their best contribution to Main Man yet. Porro y los Bobos return with "Space Junk" and Frankenstein 3000 put their spin on "Mongoloid". The Creamsicles make their Main Man debut with the quirky "Jocko Homo" and The High Toms and The Swales give us "Too Much Paranoias" and "Gut Feeling" respectively. One-man band Accomplice Rex makes his recording debut with a hyper version of "Come Back Jonee". Lo-fi legends The Ribeye Brothers take "Sloppy" to the garage and beat the crap out of it while The Marbles present the original album closer "Shrivel Up".

This is where things get really interesting.

NJ stoner rock kings The Atomic Bitchwax choose to return to Main Man with "Freedom Of Choice". Deena (Shoshkes of The Cucumbers) & The Laughing Boys will make you believe this really is a "Beautiful World". "Girl U Want" gets completely owned by Graveyard School and Eye Of The Dawn whip "Whip It" into shape. Derwood Andrews (Generation X) turns in a great version of "That's Good", Serpenteens make "Gates Of Steel" more metal than even the title implies and the mysterious FFOJ wrap things up with "Secret Agent Man".

The original album, re-imagined...
1. JISM - Uncontrollable Urge
2. True Love - (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
3. Jack Brag - Praying Hands
4. Porro y los Bobos - Space Junk
5. Frankenstein 3000 - Mongoloid
6. The Creamsicles w/Moody Mammoth - Jocko Homo
7. The High Toms - Too Much Paranoias
8. The Swales - Gut Feeling (Slap Your Mammy)
9. Accomplice Rex - Come Back Jonee
10. The Ribeye Brothers - Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Gettin’)
11. The Marbles - Shrivel Up

...and some classic tracks!
12. The Atomic Bitchwax - Freedom Of Choice
13. Deena & The Laughing Boys - Beautiful World
14. Graveyard School - Girl U Want
15. Eye Of The Dawn - Whip It
16. Derwood Andrews - That’s Good
17. Serpenteens - Gates Of Steel
18. FFOJ - Secret Agent Man
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