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Let Me Down Hard Soundtrack (Festival Edition)

Let Me Down Hard Soundtrack (Festival Edition)

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Festival Edition Soundtrack for the award winning indie film "Let Me Down Hard",   LIMITED SUPPLY!  ONLY 40 LEFT!

For A Limited Time Main Man Records Is Making Available The Soundtrack version that was available at the Festivals to the film Let Me Down Hard, which has won The Best Full Length Feature Film Award in the The Garden State And Asbury Park Film In Music Festivals.

The Soundtrack features Frankenstein 3000,The Rib Eye, Brothers,Monster Magnet,Acid,Das Damen, Marc Ribler, Dandy Warhol's, Lords Of Mercy, Battery Electric, F-Bombers and More!!!

The Soundtrack  also includes Dialogue from the Film. This is the version that was available at the festivals and movie screenings.

Soon to be Collectors Item!

Frankenstein 3000 - Revolution (Coming of Age)
Dialogue _ On the Bright Side
Acid _ Motorcycle
Dialogue _ Arsenio
The Ribeye Brothers _ Shit Car
Frankenstein 3000 _ Goin' Away
Lords Of Mercy _ Ready For The Show
Dialogue _ 5 O'Clock Rest Stop
Acid _ Crushing My Heart
Dialogue _ Rig-A-Ma-Jig
Acid _ Solitaire
Acid _ Chance
Dialogue _ Get A Job
James Dunigan _ Goin' Away Acoustic
F-Bombers _ Ready To Go
Das Damen _ Noon Daylight
Dialogue _ Thrilled
Frankenstein 3000 _ No War, Know Peace
Dialogue _ Kajagoogoo
Keith Roth _ Let Me Down Hard
The Ribeye Brothers _ Smart Like Aristotle
The Ribeye Brothers _ Hypnotist
Dialogue _ Broke up with Todd
Dandy Warhols _ Cherry Bomb
Jaquen _ Resurgence
Monster Magnet-Unbroken (Hotel Baby)
Dialogue _ Held For Ransome
The Battery Electric _ Holiday in Heaven
Dialogue _ Good Luck
James Dunigan _ A Song Called Believe
Marc Ribler _ All Roads Lead Back To Asbury Park

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