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Hangar 18 - The Alien Highway

Hangar 18 - The Alien Highway

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Based in Central Jersey but with a sound reminiscent of the shores of Liverpool, Hangar 18 is an aggressive pop quintet whose sound is a cross between classic British pop and today’s alternative rock. Their soulful harmonies and addictive melodies made Hangar 18 one of Central Jersey’s most talked about bands.

Their songs are filled with heartfelt lyrics about love, loss, and anal probes. These skillful songsmiths, with their kitchen-sink school of song writing, engulf you in the mystique that surrounds them.

The truth is out there… see for yourself.

Featuring members of Bad Biscut, Maloy, Parlez and Frankenstein 3000.

1. Come One and All
2. Anymore
3. Your Time
4. Dream
5. True
6. My Shirt
7. About Time
8. Abbey Normal
9. She Rocks
10. You're Not Around
11. In My Head
12. Gift Of Gab
13. Little Green Men
14. Otherguy
15. Luster
16. Can't Do That
17. Too Tone
18. 1 Good Reason
19. Talk To Me
20. Goodbye
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