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Hair Apparent-The MainMan Records Tribute To Hair Bands

Hair Apparent-The MainMan Records Tribute To Hair Bands

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“Nearly a quarter of a century after they dominated the charts, bands like Motley Crue, Twisted Sister and Whitesnake still have a loyal audience,” says Hair Apparent executive producer Kim Mulligan. “Whether the critics want to acknowledge it or not, it’s obvious the enduring popularity of these bands must have a little something to do with the quality of their songs. It’s not easy to strike a common chord with millions of people worldwide or else everyone would have done it, right?”

The concept behind Hair Apparent was to present the songs in a variety of musical genres and let them stand on their own. The musicians on Hair Apparent are not covering these songs; they are re-interpreting them. “Stripped of the hairspray, the spandex, the videos and the excessive behavior, these are really solid songs and well worth repeated listening,” Mulligan adds.

The line-up features artists as diverse as Bob “Derwood” Andrews (former member of the punk band Generation X) with a version of the Slade/Quiet Riot classic “Cum On Feel The Noize,” and guitarist Sean Eden (formerly of Luna; currently with Elk City), lending his considerable talent to Helix’s “Heavy Metal Love”, re-imagined by LaBooze. Dennis Dunaway, who co-wrote the Alice Cooper classics “Schools Out” and “I’m Eighteen” is also on Hair Apparent with his version of Spinal Tap’s “Big Bottom”.

“These artists turned these songs upside down and inside out. They’re really nothing like the original versions,” says Keith Roth, who is also one of Hair Apparent’s executive producers. “Hair Apparent puts a whole new spin on these 80s classics,” Roth explains.

1. Labooze - Heavy Metal Love (originally recorded by Helix)
2. Bob “Derwood” Andrews - Cum On Feel The Noize (originally recorded by Slade... and then Quiet Riot)
3. Mutant Monster Beach Party - Malibu Beach Nightmare (originally recorded by Hanoi Rocks)
4. Frankenstein 3000 - She’s Tight (originally recorded by Cheap Trick)
5. Christian Beach - I Wanna Rock (originally recorded by Twisted Sister)
6. The Wynntown Marshals - Ballad Of Jayne (originally recorded by L.A. Guns)
7. K Roth - Chatterbox (originally recorded by The New York Dolls)
8. The Dennis Dunaway Project - Big Bottom (originally recorded by Spinal Tap)
9. Bad Biscut - Babylon (originally recorded by Faster Pussycat)
10. Pillow Theory - It’s So Easy (originally recorded by Guns 'N' Roses)
11. fouryearbeard - Another Piece Of Meat (originally recorded by Scorpions)
12. AB - Shoot ‘Em Down (originally recorded by Twisted Sister)
13. Mars Needs Women - Public Enemy #1 (originally recorded by Motley Crue)
14. Johny Dey - 18 And Life (originally recorded by Skid Row)
15. AB - Little Fighter (originally recorded by White Lion)
16. Killing Phantoms - The Final Countdown (originally recorded by Europe)
17. Days Before Tomorrow - After The Rain (originally recorded by Nelson)
18. Frankenstein 3000 - Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You, Tonight (originally recorded by Spinal Tap)
19. Dan Maxwell & His Band - Here I Go Again (originally recorded by Whitesnake)
20. Early Times - Wanted Dead Or Alive (originally recorded by Bon Jovi)
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