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Ladies and Gentlemen, lace up your platform boots as Space Panther has landed.  Glamdemic! is the dazzling debut album from NJ supergroup trio Space Panther that may single-handedly trigger a global 1970s glam rock revival. Take the excitement of The Sweet, the power of Slade, the swing of T Rex, the boldness of Bowie, mix it all up and you have an idea of what Glamdemic! is all about.  It is simply one of the most refreshing, mind-blowing debut records to come out in quite some time.

Space Panther consists of Bobby Kennedy (AciD/David Johansen) on guitar and vocals, Bob Pantella (Monster Magnet/Raging Slab/Atomic Bitchwax) on drums and Keith Roth (The Dictators. Frankenstein 3000, Sirius XM) on bass.  Together, they have created a sound so astonishing that it rockets you back to a glitter-crazed London in the year 1971.  So strap yourself in and prepare for blast off!

Glamdemic! presents you with 12 glam-infused pop classics that flow seamlessly together creating a phenomenal listening journey.  An all killer- no filler affair, clocking in at a mere 35 minutes total. This Space Panther inaugural launch leaves you wanting more.  Much, much more.

With crystal clear production courtesy of Kennedy and Pantella, you can experience just the right blend of delicious retro and modern audio elements. This, coupled with this flawless batch of infectious anthems created by Bobby Kennedy, will surely have people talking about Glamdemic! for decades to come. Standout tracks include the anthemic Gimme Some Drugs, the ass-shaking Heatwave, the downright groovy Hey Woman, and the rock n’ roll steamroller that is Smooth Operator.  




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