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Frankenstein 3000 - Welcome To Planet Omega

Frankenstein 3000 - Welcome To Planet Omega

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Frankenstein 3000's Welcome To Planet Omega could be considered their debut album, but is actually the follow-up to 2005's all-covers collection, America's Hit Remakers. The new CD includes all-new recordings of F3K originals like "Goin' Away", "One Time", "Fooled In The Rain" and "Black Trip" plus a cover of The Cars' "Bye Bye Love".

Side One
1. Johnny Rowe
2. One Time
3. Everybody Else
4. Independence
5. Fooled In The Rain
6. Goin' Away

Side Two
1. Bunny Trail
2. The Passage
3. Thunder
4. Bye Bye Love
5. Black Trip

Recorded at Sound Spa Studios, Edison NJ
Engineered by Stephen DeAcutis
All songs by F3K except Bye Bye Love (originally by The Cars)
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