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Frankenstein 3000 - They'll Be Waking Up Soon

Frankenstein 3000 - They'll Be Waking Up Soon

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Frankenstein 3000 don’t mind that their 2005 covers CD America’s Hit Remakers got as much attention as it did. Between the songs that were included and the special guests that were featured it’s been their biggest claim to fame so far. They also don’t mind that after two original CDs (2007’s Welcome To Planet Omega and 2009’s Where Do We Go From Here?) their fans demanded another covers collection. Over the years Frankenstein 3000 has taken every opportunity to pay tribute to their heroes and They’ll Be Waking Up Soon is the ultimate tribute. Originally conceived as a closet-cleaning release, collecting various covers that have appeared on tribute CDs over the last few years, They’ll Be Waking Up Soon quickly took on a life of it’s own. After they completed Where Do We Go From Here? in early 2009, Frankenstein 3000 kept the momentum going and got right back into the studio to record a few more covers for what would become They’ll Be Waking Up Soon. 4 songs soon became 6, which then turned into 8... eventually they wrapped up work on 12 songs to add to the 15 that had already been completed.

For the first time all 4 members of Frankenstein 3000 take lead vocals, making They’ll Be Waking Up Soon a truly unique release for the band, and at 79:54 not a second was spared (they contacted the CD manufacturer to find out the absolute maximum length allowed). Recordings from as far back as 2002 mesh perfectly with newly recorded material because the one constant throughout Frankenstein 3000’s career is their energy. They’ll Be Waking Up Soon plays like a live set, opening with the Cheap Trick classic “Hello There” going directly into The Clash’s “Safe European Home” and not stopping for a breath until the last note of the “encore” of MC5’s “Kick Out The Jams” has faded.

One word that could easily describe Frankenstein 3000’s new CD, They’ll Be Waking Up Soon, is “epic”. Put it on, sit back and let the music take you on the ride of your life.

Side One
1. Hello There - Originally recorded by Cheap Trick
2. Safe European Home - Originally recorded by The Clash
3. Venus And Mars/Rock Show - Originally recorded by Wings
4. Bye Bye Love - Originally recorded by The Cars
5. Werewolves Of London- Originally recorded by Warren Zevon
6. Green Shirt - Originally recorded by Elvis Costello & The Attractions

Side Two
1. Queen Bitch - Originally recorded by David Bowie
2. Live With Me (featuring Joe Bouchard) - Originally recorded by The Rolling Stones
3. What's Next To The Moon? - Originally recorded by AC/DC
4. All The Way - Originally recorded by KISS
5. Cities On Flame/The Wizard - Originally recorded by Blue Öyster Cult/Black Sabbath
6 . Adam's Apple - Originally recorded by Aerosmith
7. That 70s Show Theme - Originally recorded by Big Star/Cheap Trick

Side Three
1. Endless Night - Originally recorded by Graham Parker
2. I Love Livin' In The City - Originally recorded by Fear
3. Kleenex - Originally recorded by Generation X
4. I Want You Around - Originally recorded by The Ramones
5. Success - Originally recorded by Iggy Pop
6 . 1-2-3 - Originally recorded by The Professionals

Side Four
1. Saragon - Originally recorded by Redd Kross
2. Never Talking To You Again - Originally recorded by Hüsker Dü
3. Grace - Originally recorded by Supergrass
4. Not Fade Away - Originally recorded by Buddy Holly & The Crickets
5. I'm Out - Originally recorded by The Naked Brothers
6. Goodnight Now - Originally recorded by Cheap Trick
7. Kick Out The Jams - Originally recorded by MC5

Bonus Track
1. Weird USA - Recorded for the History Channel program “Weird US”

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