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Frankenstein 3000 - Method To Our Madness

Frankenstein 3000 - Method To Our Madness

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This is the album Frankenstein 3000 fans have been waiting for. The band's 5th full-length, Method To Our Madness features 16 tracks, some of which are being revisited from earlier releases. Long-time fans may recognize titles like “Going Away”, “Everybody Else” and “Panic In Needle Park”, but the band feels that this is the first time these songs are being properly represented.

The CD includes songs that Frankenstein 3000 contributed to independent film Let Me Down Hard (which front man Keith Roth also stars in). “Revolution (Coming Of Age)”, which opens both the movie and the album, sets the stage with a catchy sing-along chorus. It’s followed by “Going Away”, an older Frankenstein 3000 song that Let Me Down Hard director Billy DeVizia insisted on using in the film. Method To Our Madness also features a cover of the Velvet Underground favorite “What Goes On”, the almost-psychedelic “Panic In Needle Park”, the teetering-on-punk-rock “Border”, the lyrical experiment in contradictions “It’s All Wrong”, the whirling dervish also known as “Johnny Roe” and the paean to beating the odds “Losing This Round”.

1. Revolution (Coming Of Age)
2. Going Away
3. What Goes On
4. Panic In Needle Park
5. Everybody Else
6. Border
7. It's All Wrong
8. Independence
9. One Time
10. Johnny Roe
11. Generation Jack
12. Losing This Round
13. It Ain't Over
14. 30 Days
15. Bunny Trail
16. Follow The Herd


Method to out Madness

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