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Brother's Of Brazil - Melodies From Hell

Brother's Of Brazil - Melodies From Hell

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The Brothers Of Brazil, two actual brothers combine Joao's love of Brazilian music with Supla's raw punk/rock 'n' roll.

"Brothers" in their own right, was a job hosting their own national variety show in Brazil called Brothers on Rede TV that lead them to collaborate as musicians. Known for their raucous live show, Brothers of Brazil have spent the last three years touring the world with the likes of Adam Ant, Flogging Molly, Warped Tour, Gogol Bordello, Rock in Rio, Bamboozle, Lollapalooza Brazil, and more.

It has been quite a journey for the Brazilian brother duo aptly titled BROTHERS OF BRAZIL. Both accomplished artists in their own right. The collaboration began when The brothers, Supla and Joao went to U.K. to play some shows together and as word spread of this unique duo's sound and style, Bernard Rhodes, (former manager of The Clash), felt so strongly about the band he named them " Brothers Of Brazil". Upon return to Brazil the brothers were invited to host their own National variety show in Brazil called Brothers on Rede TV. The show was a hit throughout Brazil which then led them to seriously collaborate as musicians. As Supla, a well known international solo artist from the start recognized that his brother Joao's talent had very different style than his own, pnce realized the combination of the two together might be greater than the sum. The Brothers set forth to create, write and perform their music together sharing a vision and receiving amazing recognition. Creating a unique sound many called , "Punkanova'. Both sing, but in very different styles---Joao is the more melodic crooner, while Supla takes the lead for the more rocking and aggressive songs. It is the combination of Joao’s love of Brazilian music and pop melodies with Supla’s raw punk/rock ‘n’ roll leanings that results in music that you most likely have never heard before. Supla and Joäo have been creating genre bending music by combining elements of traditional Brazilian music such as bossa nova and samba with rock and punk to create a unique sound all their own. So far they have released two multilingual albums: A self-titled debut and "On My Way". Known for their raucous live show, Brother of Brazil have spent the last three years touring the world with the likes of Adam Ant, Flogging Molly, Warped Tour, Gogol Bordello, Rock in Rio, Bamboozle, and more. Amistd this grueling schedule they also found time to continue making television shows in Brazil. There has been 2 seasons of "Brothers Na Gringa" which documented their journeys traveling the US; Supla held the position of a judge on "Idoles" (American Idol of Brazil) and most recently Supla starred in "Papito in Love" on MTV Brazil, which was fashioned after the wildly popular VH1 Show "Rock of Love".

Cut to the beginning of 2014. While the rest of Brazil was celebrating Carnival and the rest of Nashville was getting ready for Mardis Gras and SXSW, the Brothers Of Brazil quietly flew into Music City to record their next album "Melodies From Hell" with their now Brasilero Rockn' Rolla, Punkanova style. Finding a Producer that could work with their unique blend of genres it was not an easy task but ultimately found their match with Jon Tiven (Frank Black, Wilson Pickett, Robert Plant) and his partner Jimmy Walls. The Producers enthusiasm lead to hours of shared Skype rehearsal sessions in which the two producers would offer their two cents. Sections were cut, beats were changed, titles altered, and the result was that when the group finally arrived in Nashville the framework for what would obviously be a definitive work was all there. Joao states - "We would find good ideas and solutions for songs very naturally with the chemistry we had going on with them. I enjoyed playing the sitar, the 12 string bass, the bare tone guitar the organ.... Jon had all those instruments in his studio and we had never had that opportunity before to experiment."

The result is the best album they have made and in the words of Tiven, proof that "The Brothers are the "missing link between Tom Jobim ("Girl from Ipanema") and David Bowie!" You can hear the musical growth throughout the album: from the traditional Brazilian stylings of "Bons Momentos" to the rollicking comedic. Ramonesesque feel of "Go-Go Girl", and all the way to the 60's Pop sound of "Brasileiro RocknRolla" you can always count on Brothers of Brazil to take you on a musical roller coaster. You can hear and feel that the songs are more fully realized while still staying true to the natural aesthetic of the band and their uniqueness. Supla states; "I’ve never been prouder of the end result of the work I’ve done.” Expect the band to be touring the planet this year in support of the album. Having just performed at Lollapalooza Brazil, the band has also been enjoying success on National Brazilian Alternative Radio and #1 videos on MTV Brazil. Yet the end it all still comes down to the music. "It is great to be different and have your own style but in the end you have to have a great song." - Supla
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