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A Few Uneven Rhymes - A Tribute To Winter Hours

A Few Uneven Rhymes - A Tribute To Winter Hours

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Long-time New Jersey radio DJ Jeff Raspe has brought together the best collection of artists for a Main Man Records compilation yet on this tribute to Winter Hours. Members of Nada Surf, Violent Femmes, The Feelies, Luna, Dumptruck and more come together to honor their friends, peers and inspiration. 2 hours of music spread over 2 discs, A Few Uneven Rhymes features some of Winter Hours' best known material ("Hyacinth Girl", "Roadside Flowers") as well as some unreleased gems ("Her Heaven", "Faded Pictures"), made available by the band themselves for this tribute.

Disc One
1. Matthew Caws - One Small Achievement
2. The Parkway Charlies - Ten Minutes
3. Elk City - Incendiary
4. The Crayons - Churches
5. Christian Beach - I Want
6. Jack Brag with Deena Shoshkes - Hyacinth Girl
7. John Caselli - Her Heaven
8. The Maledictions - September Street
9. Frankenstein 3000 - Stay With Me
10. Lakehouse Music - Just Like Love
11. East Of Venus - Faded Pictures
12. The Northvale Sound - Island Of Jewels
13. Yung Wu - Waiting For The Thunder
14. Think About It - Walk Away

Disc Two
1. Gordon Gano and The Ryan Brothers - Familiar Places
2. Dots Will Echo - Tell Me Today
3. Wild Carnation - Under The Weight
4. The Miscreants - Walk Away
5. In Between Dreams - Say the Word
6. Leaving L.A. - Wait 'Til The Morning
7. Seth Tiven - Broken Little Man
8. Joe Whyte - If I Could Make You Hear Me
9. Jim Boynton - Roadside Flowers
10. Last Chance Runaround - At A Turtle's Pace
11. Steve Barton - We Can Only Win
12. Norton Antivirus - Walk Away
14. Winter Hours - Her Heaven


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